Our Legal Operations Consulting team has harnessed industry knowledge, from years of experience in corporate, professional services and start up environments, to help GCs and in-house teams optimise their legal functions. Combining this broad range of technical expertise and industry experience, we work with our clients to identify opportunities and develop practical solutions that translate into successful outcomes. We know what will work and what doesn't.

To support legal functions in their transformation journeys and give clients a head start, we are producing thought leadership articles on ten key legal operations dimensions. These articles offer insight into each dimension and answer questions such as: Where do I start? How do I apply best practice within my team? What are the benefits and pitfalls? Why does it matter for my legal department?

For more information, browse our articles and videos below.

Data analytics

How to show your legal department’s
value to the business

First published on October 22, 2020​

External resource management

Optimising your return on investment

First published on November 12, 2020​​ 

Strategic planning

Strategy in action for the
modern legal function

First published on January 19, 2021

Technology tools

Transforming Legal into a
strategic business partner with
smart use of tech

First published
February 22, 2021

Demand management
& work allocation

Efficiently allocating the right
work to the right place

First published
April 8, 2021​




Thought leadership videos

SOLID Europe 2021

Stéphanie Hamon shares her 6-step methodology for effective resource allocation.

Watch the full video