Repeatable solutions built upon people, process and technology

Risk Sonar

An SAP cloud-based solution that brings together powerful analytics, global human rights expertise and design thinking to identify and manage supply chain risk. The result: accurate identification and effective management of human rights risk across global supply chains, and compliance with evolving regulation, including the UK and Australia’s Modern Slavery Acts.


NT Analyzer

Companies are buried in digital privacy risk. NT Analyzer empowers you to manage that risk at every level.

Personal data collection is hidden at the technical level
As if the wide array of data protection laws were not challenging enough for companies, most third party data collection is hidden from view. Indeed, even companies with robust technical teams are unable to reliably detect the collection of all potential categories of personal data, much less track which third parties receive this data or apply those findings to legal baselines.


Deliver & Capture

Deliver & Capture is designed to improve ongoing management of construction projects.

Deliver & Capture includes three independent components which you can combine or adapt to match your project management processes and IT environment:

Online contract delivery manual, featuring easy-to-navigate information in a wide variety of formats, including interactive flowcharts, FAQ format and free text search. This online resource not only replaces the traditional ‘project bible’ with user-friendly data sharing, but also doubles as a training tool for staff joining the project.

Claims management portal, combining legal document automation (with templates and information pre-populated) and workflow management to ensure compliance with contractual timeframes (no more diarising the dates to submit claims!) This online database centralizes all documentation relating to claims, simplifying data collection, analysis and review.

Mobile application, to capture information for potential and actual claims, equipped with geolocalisation and photo storage abilities, and directly connected to the claims management portal.